Monday, August 16, 2010

life become more difficult

Last time feel want to change job but now suddenly feel different because like not worthy already work almost a year if nothing career in this current company is so useless
What should i do?? if i still stay here will wont help in my future career..i should i do!!!
Hope i can a good job as soon as possible, i feel cant stay my current job anymore........Nooooooooooo

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to See Our own POWER!!

For me, i will do something strange first become see through our power. What i mean so is i need to put myself to the lowest before raise our power to be more impressive and maybe reach unexpected. Heehehe....this is totally funny for me to do that because not only test ourselves but also others as well. Lets us go through what ability we have it in our body and soul. Trust me, you will feel the same as i mention.
Comment if not understand what i mean,hehe!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do More Than Our Limit

i hope can do my job our my limit with mean i can better than what i exactly doing now. I will the best what i can do for reason without hiding something that we since long time didnt know of it.
Hahaha........This idea when i started think of it is very nonsense but ourselves really can do it over our limit just depend u want it or not!!!
Like myself, first time can pass over my limit is facing study in university that totally using English communication and conversation. Firstly, i think what is the nonsense i can face it that last i totally blank of English language and Mandarin communication...That time is very pity like suffering at hotpot without calling for help. But, in reality, i can pass through with fully BOIKOT by coursemate and ask coursemate for accept me with doing small thingy and be thinking useless people. What can i do because always fully reason say that ourselves have limit in sudden area.
SMILE!!! Even i can pass through this university life, what thing i need scare for.......ANSWER is Nothing........."Life is Always Beauty in HEART, Think Better Feel is Great"

Finally i know what i want!!!

haha....i actually a person that love alone in the dark..
But, i always act like want people as a company to pass through all the path.
I feel relax when i stay alone but feel alone when staying somewhere alone...
I hope, i can do what can i do through my heart but not to people heart...
Suffer always create by ourself, i feel pity to myself that always act in our life path.
Is that true i like treat people in very good without purpose and never ever ask for return.
Even i dont believe to myself that always treat good to people just like that.
For example, i know that people almost three months with treated her as the best friend that i ever have. Suddenly, i ask to myself is that true i heartness treat her so great, is there any purpose. In my mind, i feel that i want but i cant do what i want....sad??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is LIFE????

People think that Life such as easy come easy go thingy...
But, for me, Life is very meaningful to the universe because no life no generation, no generation where got HOME ler....!!! With mean, we should appreciate what we have it now and do what we really want and need to create a good life.
For me, life is very easy, just happy and no pressure that is me. I not like people always chase perfect but of course everyone need better life like plenty of money, drive sportcar, happy family and so on. I always prefer normal life like have a good girlfriend, money that enough for life, good condition car such as HONDA ACCORD. That is me!!! Great Right...hehe....Happy Ending!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sandakan Crocodile Farm

How you think about Sandakan crocodile that good or bad??
As a Sandakan boy want to propose that crocodile farm i Sandakan is GOOD...In Crocodile Farm not only see crocodile but full of fish and other animal like Ostrich. The special of crocodile farm is got a lot of crocodile surrounding the farm. Besides, in there got one wood bridge with holes and uncompleted wood that easy spot down of the bridge. Furthermore, all the hungry crocodile are spotting your meat and waiting you falling down from the bridge. So, is there excitement or scaring for you...hehehe!!! Actually, in crocodile farm not that scary but really give enjoyment especially feeding time, you will see how aggressive crocodile fighting each other to grab a piece of meat in the ground..If got any chance fly to Sandakan, don't forget pass by there or maybe can't find to go together...hoho!!! will be back....

What is ATTITUDE??

Now i just know what is attitude inside of me. Last time, i think myself is very good in controlling attitude but i just realize that i so weak in this part. So, why i say like that because i always pretend that i good in working environment but the answer is NOT!!! I so terrible to say that i not good in what i always aspect that good but still in couple miles a way from that level....
God...What i suppose to do.....!!! Now still confusing my heart and always scare make any discussion even in study or life path...So nuts.